Slutting The Globe — Here is the Full Pitch

Kim-Kim has just escaped from an unsuccessful relationship with David, a narcissist London policeman. Now she wants to find a proper boyfriend who she can connect with and who can satisfy her needs.

She finds an unlikely ally in the office-geek, Ryan. He helps her set up a website. Its purpose is to facilitate her travels around the world; Their aim is to organize different one night stands, in an attempt to find the perfect man.

slutting the globe, romantic comedy, neil mach

slutting the globe, romantic comedy, neil mach

But her family, her best mate and her ex-boyfriend all stand in her way. In addition she is condemned by society for being “a slut.”

Kim-Kim faces losing her job and her home, and if she fails in her attempt to find a suitable man, she will have to surrender to the iron will of her mother, and then must return to her family home, a failure.

So she embarks on a series of adventures with a group of defective and useless individuals, in a self-imposed challenge that she refers to as “Slutting the Globe.”

But will she ever find a mature man enough for her? And more importantly, will her travels help her discover her own true nature?


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