Tartu Kunegan


There was a problem getting to Tartu. Apparently, no one in the UK has heard of the place!

So he had to fly me into Tallinn – it then takes 2 hours to get to Tartu by train.

Stayed in:

Dorpat.  Door-mat more like! It looks like a barracks. Single beds and spartan conditions

Hidden secret of his City:

The cells of the KGB

Not really a museum. More a walk down a hallway into a sad past.

Extra Treat:

The 4D cinema in the mall. Lots of fun!

Kunegand- fromTartu


Cleverness:  6/10   loses marks for taking me to the cells
Instigation:   7/10  gains marks for meeting me at the station
Thoughtfulness:  7/10 Any gained marks were lost when he didn’t push the beds together
Nobleness:  8/10 But maybe that was him being ‘noble’.  I wish he took the initiative
Connection: 6/10 Not bad since he is not a fluent English speaker
Goal Setting: 8/10 Very good. His choice of hotel let him down
Culture: 8/10 Sweet guy. Very thoughtful. Clean and tidy. Attentive. Bit introspective.
Humour: 3/10 Almost none
Spontaneity: 5/10  Should have taken me to another hotel once he knew I hated the door-mat.
Bedtime Skills:  1/10 No excitement. No lust.

TOTAL:  6/10

Focused and smart, Kunegan was slightly more in love with his iPad than with me. But I was met at the train station with flowers. That was a very thoughtful gesture. Then we went to a bar where he outlined our ‘date’ in more detail. I liked the way he had things all planned out. It gave me quite a thrill for him to take charge. His English was quite good, but he had difficulties with humour. I was unable to get a laugh out of him – which was a bit of a turn off. I did not like the KGB Museum much. That says more about him than me though! But the movie was fun. That made me fall for him a bit … because I realized that he has a lighter side. The hotel was not conducive to romance. He did not push the beds together. He had a shower and then re-dressed. I thought that was a big turn-off.


Kunegan was a little deep for my taste. But he had a lighter side. He just didn’t let it me see it much. Romance was poor and he was far from confident. The passion was not there. Lovemaking was nonexistent. Nice guy. Just not lusty enough for me. Sex could never be significant with Kunegan. There was too much pressure on him. I’ll have to watch out for that in the future. And I must try to take some pressure away from the fella.


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